Author of “The Ink Drop Effect”, Christina Kaya prompts new ways of thinking about communication and persuasion through interactive, thought-provoking keynotes and seminars.

Drawing from twenty years of corporate consulting and seminars in virtually every industry sector, she shares how to successfully move ideas and initiate action in organizations through persuasive, compelling methods of communication.

Christina’s techniques consistently win outstanding results for executives, management and sales teams, leading her to be described by Britain’s London Weekly Review as a “secret weapon”.

With a background in business, psychology, the performing arts and neuro-linguistics, Christina Kaya has unique insights into communicating to produce outstanding results.  She is in high demand across Canada and the United states with a long, successful track record of designing and delivering communication programs for top-500 companies during pivotal times of change.

Corporate sales forces seek her out to boost their records of performance through cutting-edge skills and core personal shifts in expectation.  

Christina believes the interplay between skills and belief systems drive personal communication and group culture. Her mission is to provide a stimulating forum for people to explore and understand the multiple levels in human interactions so they can be more effective agents of change. Her extensive client base includes Cisco, Dell, DuPont, General Motors, MD Robotics, Nike and The United Way.


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