Timing Is Everything!

Ever wonder why your six year old can remember almost every line from a two hour animated film but adults have difficulty remembering key points from a 20-minute business presentation? Good content is important, but without good timing, it's all for naught.

In business, timing is everything. And in a business presentation, timing can mean the difference between being engaging and successful, or dull and boring. Precise timing is something often neglected in presentations and speeches.

One of the world's best storytellers - Disney - has successfully applied this secret to its presentations for decades. Some of the principles used for story development in traditional animation can give you the professional edge when making a business presentation.

If you pay attention to the plot advancement of an animated film there is a change in scene, or the introduction of a different character or new event about every 30 to 50 seconds. This advances the plot at a pace that holds your attention. Timing your presentation in this way will capture and hold the attention of your audience from start to finish.

Precise timing of design and delivery is one of the key differences between professional speakers and amateurs. Both the opening and closing of presentations should be delivered in less than 45 seconds. Subsequent points and supporting information should be delivered in carefully timed sound bytes.

The next time you have to prepare a presentation, get out your stopwatch and make sure you "advance the plot" with these timing tips in mind! In entertainment - and business - timing truly is everything!

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